Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worship Theme for the Fourth Week of Lent

If God does not weep, then there is no love deep enough to touch the pain. If God does not get close, then there is no love real enough to meet our brokenness. If God does not touch, then there is no love earthy enough to value our humanness. Welcome to this Fourth Week of Lent! We will be listening in on the story of a man born blind. When Jesus touched his eyes with earth and spit, a journey to faith began -- and what a journey it became! It took the blind beggar from the joy of seeing the beauty of this world for the first time in his life to experiencing firsthand the cruelty of harsh, judgmental people. In the end, he found himself in a new place -- a God place. He looked ino the eyes of Jesus and experienced the joy of amazing grace. What are the stepping stones that have shaped your journey of faith? How have you been blind to God's grace in your journey? If Jesus were to touch your eyes and send you to wash, what "sight" would you hope to gain?

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