Thursday, April 26, 2012

Faith Leader Retreat This Weekend

Benedictine Peace Center, Yankton, SD
This coming weekend, 15 Faith Leaders and 4 teachers will gather at the Benedictine Peace Center in Yankton for their spring retreat. The spring retreat marks the conclusion of a special journey that began last September. For our Faith Leaders, the spring retreat is a great celebration, but it is also bitter-sweet, because it marks the end of a very special time in their life.

One of my purest joys in ministry as pastor is leading Faith Leader. This year's class marks my fourth class at St. John's and my seventh year of leading Faith Leader since introducing this program to the Nebraska Synod.

Faith Leader is a unique faith formation program for adults. It invites people to discover their souls and experience God's presence in new ways. One of the nice things about Faith Leader is that it does not matter how much you know or do no know about God or the Bible. Everyone has the opportunity to take that journey inward and dig more deeply into such fundamental, lifelong questions.  Questions like...God, who am I in you? God, who are you in me? God, what is it that you seek in my life?

What makes Faith Leader such a joy for me is that I witness people change and grow in remarkable ways through the Faith Leader journey. Often the spiritual transformation I witness is profound, but this is no surprise, since this is the way of God in our life. Faith Leaders experience the presence of God in their everyday life in ways they had not experienced before. Their everyday life and their spiritual life merge more fully into one. A deep spiritual hunger for something more when it comes to God and the Church is satisfied.

Please remember in prayer our Faith Leaders this weekend. Soon they will share with you their stories. I invite you to speak to our Faith Leaders from this year and the past to learn more about how this journey can be your journey.

~~Pastor Edgar Schambach

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