Thursday, April 26, 2012

Youth Gathering Fundraising 7% Away From Goal

Four youth and two adult sponsors from St. John's Lutheran Church in Norfolk will be attending the 2012  ELCA Youth Gathering in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 18-22, 2012.

Needing to acquire nearly $6000 for the cost of the entire trip, St. John's Director of Christian Education Tracy Nerem shares that only $450 is left to raise for the remainder of the cost to the six participants.

"Fundraising efforts have gone well over the past several months," tells Tracy.  "We hope that continued financial support from our prayer partners and members of St. John's will help us achieve our goal."

Those interested in contributing to the cause either by being prayer partners or through financial contributions may be in contact with Tracy by speaking with her in person, using her church mailbox, or contacting her via facebook or email.  Donations may also be placed in the offering plate during worship, noting "Youth Gathering" on the envelope.

The theme for the Gathering is "citizens with the saints," and is drawn from Ephesians 2:14-20. To paraphrase this scripture: Jesus is our peace. In his life and death on the cross, Jesus broke down the dividing walls so that we are no longer strangers and outsiders, but we are citizens with the saints and also members of the household of God. The foundation of God's house is built of apostles and prophets, and Jesus, the cornerstone, holds it all together.

The Gathering program is built around three core practices in which participants will be immersed before they come to New Orleans, while they are together in New Orleans, and in the community of their congregations when they return home. The core practices–Discipleship, Peacemaking, and Justice–serve to practically clarify the Greatest Commandment: to love the Lord our God and our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:34-40).

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