Tuesday, May 15, 2012


If you have Bibles you’re not using because they are worn out (hooray!) or you just have too many for your shelves (hooray!) our DAYCAMP students know just what to do!

Our DayCampers are helping the Bible Foundation collect extra Bibles to ship to Pakistan, the Philippines and Africa, where there are lots of English-speaking people who don’t have their own copy of God’s word!

Want to help? Drop off your extra Bibles at Tracy’s office, or leave them in the Bible Box in the west hallway at St. John's before June 3rd.  Bibles can be any version or condition, since the Bible Foundation also shares Bible pieces with small-group Bible studies and home churches. 

HELP US OUT!  Bring your extra Bibles in and our Daycampers will send them out to be a blessing to our brothers & sisters around the world!

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