Monday, June 11, 2012

DayCamp Finale

DayCamp's over, but what a week!  We spent our last day together learning
new ways to worship and celebrate God's love for us! We took a worship tour of our church and shared "wet crosses" and blessings from our baptismal font.  We also assembled our Faith Family Tree (As for us and our houses, we will serve the Lord!) and worked on mosaic trays to take home as reminders of our week together. Check out the photos and our Mission Project of the Day, our collection of rice and beans to be shipped to hungry brothers and sisters in Uganda! Thanks to Midge, Kathy and all the craft, treat and mission project suppliers.  We love being partners in ministry with you for God's world--BOOMYA--DayCamp!

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St. John's said...

Thank you Tracy and campers for a wonderful week of sharing, care, learning, worshiping and celebrating!