Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mission DayCamp--Day 2!

Here's all the news from our second day at Mission DayCamp!
  Today we heard the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man (Luke 5), and talked about ways we can CARE for others. Our take-home Partner Project was a Mystery Mask--reminding us that we don't have to wear masks for God, since God loves us as we are!  We practiced a Buddy Carry,  played "Foundation Formation" (a cooperation & care game) and even learned how to say "Jesus loves me" in Chinese!  Our Daily Mission was backpacks for the homeless.  Our packs will travel with us in our family cars until God gives us the opportunity to share them with someone who needs them.  Check out our pictures and join us here again tomorrow as we keep working on ways to "SHARE, CARE, LEARN, WORSHIP and CELEBRATE at DayCaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp!

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