Thursday, January 31, 2013

NeLCM's 2013 Pillar of Fire This Weekend

Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry's (NeLCM's) 2013 Pillar of Fire will be held this weekend, February 1 & 2, at Carol Joy Holling Camp near Ashland, Nebraska.

Forty-two students and staff from six of NeLCM's ten ministry sites (Beatrice, Kearney, Lincoln, Midland, Norfolk, Omaha-UNO, & Wayne) will gather for worship, fellowship, pseudo-competitive winter "Olympic" events & other games of skill, wisdom, and chance.

This is the second year in a row that this event is being held by NeLCM at Carol Joy Holling Camp.

How might one describe this event?  Pillar of Fire is an exciting college-aged overnight retreat. Pillar of Fire aims to create greater unity among Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministries across the state while also introducing students to Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. Participants from all over the state will worship and play together.

[Imagine if you put Harry Potter's The Goblet of Fire, The Hunger Games, Babette's Feast, The Shining, The DaVinci Code, and the Winter Olympics into a blender and hit puree. The result? Maybe Pillar of Fire. Maybe....]

To give you a sense of the upcoming 2013 event, take a look back at some pictures and a video below from 2012 Pillar of Fire, and NeLCM-Norfolk's trip getting there:

Making a stop at Burger King in Fremont

Celebrating the Cup of A Thousand Flavors

The Pillar of Fire in front of the Holling House Fireplace

Getting ready for worship & playtime
Icebreaker game

Rev. Adam White from NeLCM-Lincoln preachifies

Friday Night Table Games (Settlers of Catan above)

Roasting up marshmallows

The crazy amount of snow that fell overnight, which explains
why Pastor Justin kept is camera in a dry, safe location
during activities (and a lack of action pictures)

Team Pillar won in 2012. Can Team Fire get it's first win in 2013?

Josh Branchaud with 2012 Steward of the Flame Bridget Jones

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