Monday, July 29, 2013

VBS Penny Wars!

Penny Wars are going on during VBS as our youth raise funds for the Norfolk Food Pantry! Each age group is trying to collect as many pennies as they can for the Food Pantry. For each penny in your jar, your age group (team) earns a point. But be careful! If a SILVER coin gets in your jar (nickel, dime, quarter), you get SABOTAGED and you get that many points subtracted from your total (5 points for a nickel, 10 points for a dime, 25 points for a quarter, 50 points for a half dollar, 100 points for a Susan B. Anthony dollar). So remember to bring pennies for your jar and silver coins for the other teams jars as we GOTTA MOVE and raise money for the Norfolk Food Pantry!

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