Saturday, March 5, 2016

St. John's 101: New Member Classes

Interested in joining the membership of St. John's Lutheran Church in Norfolk? Just want to know more about St. John's/Norfolk and the ELCA? Come take part in a three-week session on the "St. John's Basics" in our St. John's 101 New Member Classes. Led by Pastor Justin Wiese between our two Sunday morning worship services, the three-week sessions include:

  • February 28--Session One: St. John's Congregational Basics
  • March 6--Session Two: Nebraska Synod & ELCA Churchwide Ministires
  • March 13--Session Three: Tour St. John's Building & Ministries
Classes will begin each Sunday at 9:40 AM in the Nazareth Room, and conclude at approximately 10:45 AM. Please plan to attend all three classes to take part in the full St. John's 101 experience!

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