Tuesday, March 1, 2016

St. John's Get Together: Passover Seder Meal on March 2

The Passover Seder meal is a living testimony to God’s faithfulness to his people. Celebrated by Jewish people since they were freed from Egypt, this meal teaches those who eat it to look back at the past with gratitude, to accept the present with trust, and to anticipate the future with hope. It is from the bread & wine of the Seder meal that Jesus gives us the Lord’s Supper to celebrate his presence among us.

Pastors David & Justin invite you to enjoy this full-fledged 90 minute dinner at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, March 2, 2016, in St. John’s Fellowship Hall. The ceremonial meal will include samples of lamb, matzo, bitter herbs, & haroses, and the actual meal will include turkey, green beans, boiled barley, dates, figs, and orange slices.

To cover the cost of this meal, we will be charging a minimum of $5 per person, with any donations over the amount of the expenses of the meal to be donated to St. John’s ELCA World Hunger 40 Days of Giving Fundraiser.

We are asking everyone planning to attend this meal to RSVP through the church office by Monday, February 29, by calling 402-371-1985, emailing stjohnsnorfolk@cableone.net, RSVP thru Facebook, or signing up during weekend worship at St. John’s. Payment will be collected at the meal.

Your pastors believe this meal to be educational as well as enjoyable. Therefore, ALL 3rd through 8th grade confirmation students and their families are strongly & highly encouraged to attend this meal. NO other confirmation classes will be held on March 2. Please make plans to attend this meal as your schedules allow.

Due to the length of the Passover Seder meal on March 2, worship will begin at 7 PM, which is 30 minutes later than the normal 6:30 Lenten Midweek Worship start time.

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