Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mikes & Pipes Fund Drive

Shortly after we set and approved our budgets for this year, St. John's Council learned of two urgent needs. The wireless microphones used by the pastors and worship assistants are 10 years old and in bad shape. In addition, the pipe organ needs strengthened supports for the larger pipes to prevent sagging and eventual failure. The council acted on faith to immediately commit to both projects which saves a considerable amount of money.  Now it is time to fund both projects which total $7,200. The Memorial Committee has set aside $2,000 for a fifty cents on the dollar match. Please choose one of three ways to make a gift to our “Mikes & Pipes” fund as you are able: 1) Make your gift through your regular offering envelope, noting it on your check or envelope. 2) Grab a special “Mikes & Pipes” envelope from the back of the sanctuary and put your gift in it to put in the offering plate. 3) Go online to, click on the Donate Now button, and give an e-gift on the “Mikes & Pipes” line. Thank you for giving as generously as you are able toward these projects.

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