Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sunday, September 13
Volunteers will be needed in several locations for various tasks.  Numbers will be limited to allow for social distancing, but we will still need helping hands!  From the group signed up to work each location, a leader will be chosen to help coordinate that specific job.  All jobs will begin around 1pm.  Please call the church 402-371-1985 to designate where you would like to help.  Wear your yellow Tshirts.  Thank you!

ORPHAN GRAIN TRAIN – Looking for help packing clothes for shipping.  No more than 10 volunteers allowed. 

BRIGHT HORIZONS – The safe house needs work done outside trimming, raking, and weeding.  Also, a small repair to one of the eaves on the house itself.  Probably no more than 4 volunteers.

NORFOLK FOOD PANTRY – There will be a designated area to paint.  4-5 volunteers will be needed.  Paint will be provided. 

SHOCKED GROUP -- meeting at noon to clean ditches along Hwy 81.  Returning to St. John’s playground area for pizza following work.  Event done by 2pm.